Site-to-Site OpenVPN between OPNsense and Ubiquiti EdgeRouter EdgeOS

After much troubleshooting, I was able to successfully establish OpenVPN “Site-to-Site” VPN tunnel between my primary OPNsense firewall and an edge Ubiquiti EdgeRouter (ERLite-3). This guide will show you how to setup the OPNsense side using the new “instances” configuration and how to setup your EdgeRouter OpenVPN profile manually. The Problem There are three main […]

HPE ssacli on TrueNAS SCALE

My TrueNAS SCALE setup is on a HPE ML350 Gen9 with a SmartHBA H240ar (which is IT mode) and I needed to clear existing drive configuration with drives that were used in other HPE servers which prevented the drives from coming online on my server. The drives were being “masked” by the HBA thus I […]

Set child encrypted ZFS datasets to inherit the parent – Scripted Fix!

After replicating ZFS snapshots on two TrueNAS platforms, the destination dataset inherits the source dataset encryption properties resulting unlocking that dataset on the destination with the original decryption key. In my scenario, my source and destination datasets have different encryption keys. My desired outcome is to unlock all child datasets with the parent dataset with […]

iPod Nano Audio Clipping FIX!

Have you ever converted audio and loaded it on your iPod Nano, Shuffle or other model iPod just to have it clip in your headphones but it plays fine on your computer specifically with AAC codec encodings? I have the fix for you. I had an OGG file that was 48k sample rate that was […]

Debrand a Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 to a PowerEdge R740xd

It’s simple to debrand an “OEM”ed variant of the Dell PowerEdge R740 or R640 based “appliance”. First you will need the default identity which can be found here: DELL PowerEdge OEMR XL Dell Branded ID Module with Windows Embedded OS Support You’re looking for the 4XHVW_14G_DBE_CustBSU_3_00.exe (local mirror) file which must be extracted first prior […]


When I received a 2nd hand Dell VRTX Chassis and three PowerEdge M520 blades. One of the blades had an issue connecting to the remote iDRAC GUI after configuring it for local LAN settings. The iDRAC would get the new DHCP address but the iDRAC Web Server would not load. I was able to SSH […]

unifi6 in a FreeNAS iocage Jail FreeBSD

The community plugins for the mainstream release of FreeNAS 11.3 has a community plugin repository. It does feature the Unifi Controller version 5. If you’re looking for the Unifi 6.x code stream you’ll need to build a jail manually. Below you will find the quick guide to manually setup a Unifi6 jail in BSD.