FreeNAS 11 “Boot Failed. EFI Misc Device” Fix (Debian)

After a recent creation of a virtual machine using a Debian 9.5 netinstall image on the Bhyve type-2 hypervisor provided by FreeNAS 11, I kept on hitting a re-occurring error: “Boot Failed. EFI Misc Device”. After much troubleshooting, the resolution is straight forward. During the Debian install and the UEFI implementation of Bhyve causes an […]

Namecheap DDNS on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Namecheap provides a great domain service with an emphesis on security and privacy. I’ve recently decided to try their premium DNS service for a variety of reasons. It was nice to see a Dynamic DNS service. With my home network focused around the Ubiquiti product line and leveraging the EdgeRouter (ER-Lite) Dynamic DNS features. It’s […]

Custom SSL Certificate Installation for UniFi Video

This article assumes that you have already have a certificate, a corresponding private key and the certificate authority certificate. This guide will not guide you on making a CA, certificates or singing a certificate. I would recommend using a OpenSSL wrapper tool such as EasyRSA for certificate management. The following steps assumes the following: You’re […]

Deluge Client in a FreeNAS 11 iocage Jail Easy Tutorial

FreeNAS 11 introduces a new way to manage jails, iocage. As FreeNAS transitions there is a gap for users that leveraged precreated plugins in previous versions of FreeNAS. This guide will help you create a jail in, assign users, permissions and installing Deluge the BitTorrent client in an iocage managed jail. SSH into FreeNAS as […]

Silicone Image Sil680 Controller in Windows 7 x64

The Adaptec ASH-1233 is a dual port IDE RAID controller card that features a Silicone Image Sil680 Sil0680 chipset. Drivers for it were never officially released for Windows 7 but this guide and drivers will help you enable your Sil680 chipset in Windows 7 (x64 or Itanium). The driver was released by Silicone Image but […]

Oracle Database Queries in PowerShell, Script Examples

Below are some code examples to help get your data out of an Oracle database into a PowerShell object quickly! The logic to manipulate data is the same regardless of vendor: load any required libraries, define the connection string, setup the connection object, use that connection object for subsequent queries and finally close the connection. […]

YaBB SE 1.5.5 MySQL Unknown Column Fix

For retro purposes, I wanted to make anĀ old instance of YaBB SE 1.5.4 a read-only version to look back with friends to get some kicks and laughs. I first upgraded from YaBB SE 1.5.4 to YaBB SE 1.5.5c. This was a small project try bring this up on a modern operating system, primarily around the […]