Debrand a Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 to a PowerEdge R740xd

It’s simple to debrand an “OEM”ed variant of the Dell PowerEdge R740 or R640 based “appliance”. First you will need the default identity which can be found here: DELL PowerEdge OEMR XL Dell Branded ID Module with Windows Embedded OS Support You’re looking for the 4XHVW_14G_DBE_CustBSU_3_00.exe (local mirror) file which must be extracted first prior to applying it to the iDRAC.

It’s a three-step process (basically):

  1. You want to manually update the iDRAC with the file.
    (Maintenance > System Update)
  2. Reset the iDRAC to factory defaults.
    (Maintenance > Diagnostics > Reset iDRAC)
  3. Once the iDRAC has been fully reset, cold boot the server.
  4. Enjoy a debranded Dell PowerEdge 14G server!

Once you install the “update” and reset the iDRAC, wait for iDRAC to come back and perform a cold boot (make sure the server is in an off state and power it on, ensure it’s not just a reboot). It will go into a mode which will apply the default branding (see image below).

Lastly, this should process should be true for any 14th-generation Dell PowerEdge server as OEM Identity Module is a function in all 14G servers.

7 Thoughts on Debrand a Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 to a PowerEdge R740xd

  1. Thank you so much for this post. It was incredibly easy to debrand my r340 unitrends “appliance”. Followed this steps, and it worked great!

  2. Thank you! Just rebranded back to Dell. We got stuck with a server the contractor never should have purchased and without the correct model information nothing was working correctly with our internal tools.

  3. I was skeptical and didn’t want to turn my new-to-me r640 into a brick, but it worked like a charm and now the OEM garbage is all gone. Thanks!

    1. I have a very high degree of confidence that it will work because this branding is done through the iDRAC and given that the R440 and R740 is the same generation and the same iDRAC (iDRAC 9) I have no grounds of why it wouldn’t work. Hope this helps!

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