Debrand a Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 to a PowerEdge R740xd

It’s simple to debrand an “OEM”ed variant of the Dell PowerEdge R740 or R640 based “appliance”. First you will need the default identity which can be found here: DELL PowerEdge OEMR XL Dell Branded ID Module with Windows Embedded OS Support You’re looking for the 4XHVW_14G_DBE_CustBSU_3_00.exe (local mirror) file which must be extracted first prior to applying it to the iDRAC.

It’s a three-step process (basically):

  1. You want to manually update the iDRAC with the file.
    (Maintenance > System Update)
  2. Reset the iDRAC to factory defaults.
    (Maintenance > Diagnostics > Reset iDRAC)
  3. Once the iDRAC has been fully reset, cold boot the server.
  4. Enjoy a debranded Dell PowerEdge 14G server!

Once you install the “update” and reset the iDRAC, wait for iDRAC to come back and perform a cold boot (make sure the server is in an off state and power it on, ensure it’s not just a reboot). It will go into a mode which will apply the default branding (see image below).

Lastly, this should process should be true for any 14th-generation Dell PowerEdge server as OEM Identity Module is a function in all 14G servers.

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