When I received a 2nd hand Dell VRTX Chassis and three PowerEdge M520 blades. One of the blades had an issue connecting to the remote iDRAC GUI after configuring it for local LAN settings. The iDRAC would get the new DHCP address but the iDRAC Web Server would not load. I was able to SSH into the iDRAC to be welcomed to the following error:

login as: root
[email protected]'s password:
Further authentication required
/admin1-> ?
        status       : 2
        status_tag   : COMMAND PROCESSING FAILED
        error        : 252
        error_tag    : COMMAND SYNTAX ERROR

After research, I had to hard reset (below) the iDRAC back to factory defaults which after that, I reconfigured the iDRAC network settings which then after that restored the iDRAC Web Server!

/admin1-> racadm racresetcfg
The RAC configuration has initiated restoration to factory
defaults. Please wait for a few minutes for this process to complete before accessing the RAC again.

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