Dell EMC VxRail Default Password List

Below are the factory passwords before imaging a VxRail node. When you re-RASR the node these are the passwords that have been set apart of that factory image. Component IP Username Password Node BIOS N/A N/A emcbios ESXi DHCP root Passw0rd! vCenter / PSC Defined on build root vmware Log Insight DHCP root Passw0rd! VxRail […]

FreeNAS 11 “Boot Failed. EFI Misc Device” Fix (Debian)

After a recent creation of a virtual machine using a Debian 9.5 netinstall image on the Bhyve type-2 hypervisor provided by FreeNAS 11, I kept on hitting a re-occurring error: “Boot Failed. EFI Misc Device”. After much troubleshooting, the resolution is straight forward. During the Debian install and the UEFI implementation of Bhyve causes an […]

Namecheap DDNS on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Namecheap provides a great domain service with an emphesis on security and privacy. I’ve recently decided to try their premium DNS service for a variety of reasons. It was nice to see a Dynamic DNS service. With my home network focused around the Ubiquiti product line and leveraging the EdgeRouter (ER-Lite) Dynamic DNS features. It’s […]

Run PtokaX Under systemd

Here is the example to run PtokaX Direct Connect Hub software as a daemon under systemd. Tested and used on Debian 9 Stretch. This also assumes you’re using a non-privileged user and your binary is at /usr/local/bin/PtokaX.

Quanta LB4M Quick Configuration Examples

The Quanta switches are not well documented nor is it very good. We will cover the basics of configuring the LB4M switch which includes management IP address, SSH, firmware and LACP port channeling. Configure a Management IP Address + Enable SSH: Upgrade LB4M Firmware: You can download the latest known Layer2 version of the firmware […]

Custom SSL Certificate Installation for UniFi Video

This article assumes that you have already have a certificate, a corresponding private key and the certificate authority certificate. This guide will not guide you on making a CA, certificates or singing a certificate. I would recommend using a OpenSSL wrapper tool such as EasyRSA for certificate management. The following steps assumes the following: You’re […]

Deluge Client in a FreeNAS 11 iocage Jail Easy Tutorial

FreeNAS 11 introduces a new way to manage jails, iocage. As FreeNAS transitions there is a gap for users that leveraged precreated plugins in previous versions of FreeNAS. This guide will help you create a jail in, assign users, permissions and installing Deluge the BitTorrent client in an iocage managed jail. SSH into FreeNAS as […]

Silicone Image Sil680 Controller in Windows 7 x64

The Adaptec ASH-1233 is a dual port IDE RAID controller card that features a Silicone Image Sil680 Sil0680 chipset. Drivers for it were never officially released for Windows 7 but this guide and drivers will help you enable your Sil680 chipset in Windows 7 (x64 or Itanium). The driver was released by Silicone Image but […]