Restart EMC VNX Management Services in Unisphere

Restarting the Management Services for EMC Unisphere is simple and it does not require an outage. The process will require you to log into each Service Processor separately through a web interface.

1. Open up a web browser and goto https://<SPA/SPB IP>/setup
2. Login using the ‘sysadmin’ user account and password.

3. Scroll down to ‘Restart Management Services’ and press that button.

4. Confirm the Management Services Restart and wait until the restart has completed. Note, this can take up to 10 minutes.
5. Once the first Service Processor reboot has occurred and you are able to log back into that Service Processors’ Web Services then proceed to the second Service Processor.

This should clear up any Unisphere GUI issues or incorrect reporting of information on the Host Agent’s page.

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