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EMC VNX Integration Quest Vintela Authentication Services

Quest (Vintela) Authentication Services (VASD) provides schema extensions to Active Directory to authentication against LDAP by providing SID to UID/GID mappings and vice versa. In multiprotocol environments that provide NFS and SMB protocols to the same underlying data it becomes tricky with permissions and file ownership since it must be maintained in the *nix and […]

Commonly Used NaviSECCli Commands

Here is a list of good commands that I use frequently when working with an EMC SAN, in particular, a Celerra or VNX series. Enjoy! Summary: Gets the disk information, state and other metrics. Note: that 1_1_14 is Bus 1 Enclosure 1 Disk 14. Command: Result: Summary: Get all LUNs that are trespassed (not on […]