Upgrade Brocade Fabric OS FOS firmware Brocade 4424 in Dell M1000e Blade Chassis Guide

It appears there is a lack of information on upgrading the Brocade Fabric Operating System (FOS) on an I/O Module within Dell PowerEdge M1000e Blade Chassis. This guide will show you the step-by-step on how to upgrade your internal Brocade switch in a Dell Blade Chassis and what can be expected.

First, you will need to setup a temporary FTP site so that the firmware updater can retrieve the unzipped files. Let me recommend FileZilla FTP Server which can be downloaded at http://filezilla-project.org. Setup a user name and password to the directory where the extracted contents are. Now you can begin the upgrade process.

I was instructed by the Dell Technician to update the FOS in series meaning perform the v6.0.1 update, then the v6.1.1 update and finally perform the v6.2.0c update. I was unable to perform the v6.0.1 update but went directly to v6.1.1 then to v6.2.0c without any issues making this a two step process instead of three step process.

First lets get started by logging into the Blade Chassis CMC and lunch the administration interface for the Brocade I/O Module. After that, find Switch Administration on the left, click it and then click on the Firmware Download tab.

Enter the information

At this moment, the firmware upgrade process will kick you out of your session. Close the window and re-lunch a new session.

After you’ve restarted the session go back to the Switch Administration under the Firmware Download tab. The firmware will finally commit the last changes.

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