Unrecoverable System Error (NMI) has occurred. HP DL380e Gen8 SAS HBA Controller P20 (IT Mode) Firmware Fix

Did you just update your SAS HBA controller to the latest P20 firmware, you plug it in, try to go into the SAS BIOS and you hit an “Unrecoverable System Error (NMI) has occurred.”? If so, here’s the fix!

It comes down to the BIOS that is packaged in the P20 Broadcom firmware bundle. The mptsas2.rom bundled with P20 is version 7.39.02. This version of the MPT BIOS is incompatible with the DL380e/DL380p platform. The latest compatible and working version of the MPT BIOS for the DL380e/DL380p is 7.39.00!

Simply downgrade your MPT BIOS on your SAS HBA controller card down to 7.39.00. I pulled the latest supported (by HP) MPT BIOS from CP031288. Simply flash the MPT BIOS from this bundle with:

sas2flash -o -b mptsas2.rom


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