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When I received a 2nd hand Dell VRTX Chassis and three PowerEdge M520 blades. One of the blades had an issue connecting to the remote iDRAC GUI after configuring it for local LAN settings. The iDRAC would get the new DHCP address but the iDRAC Web Server would not load. I was able to SSH […]

unifi6 in a FreeNAS iocage Jail FreeBSD

The community plugins for the mainstream release of FreeNAS 11.3 has a community plugin repository. It does feature the Unifi Controller version 5. If you’re looking for the Unifi 6.x code stream you’ll need to build a jail manually. Below you will find the quick guide to manually setup a Unifi6 jail in BSD.

Dell EMC VxRail Default Password List

Below are the factory passwords before imaging a VxRail node. When you re-RASR the node these are the passwords that have been set apart of that factory image. Component IP Username Password Node BIOS N/A N/A emcbios ESXi DHCP root Passw0rd! vCenter / PSC Defined on build root vmware Log Insight DHCP root Passw0rd! VxRail […]

FreeNAS 11 “Boot Failed. EFI Misc Device” Fix (Debian)

After a recent creation of a virtual machine using a Debian 9.5 netinstall image on the Bhyve type-2 hypervisor provided by FreeNAS 11, I kept on hitting a re-occurring error: “Boot Failed. EFI Misc Device”. After much troubleshooting, the resolution is straight forward. During the Debian install and the UEFI implementation of Bhyve causes an […]

Namecheap DDNS on Ubiquiti EdgeRouter

Namecheap provides a great domain service with an emphesis on security and privacy. I’ve recently decided to try their premium DNS service for a variety of reasons. It was nice to see a Dynamic DNS service. With my home network focused around the Ubiquiti product line and leveraging the EdgeRouter (ER-Lite) Dynamic DNS features. It’s […]

Run PtokaX Under systemd

Here is the example to run PtokaX Direct Connect Hub software as a daemon under systemd. Tested and used on Debian 9 Stretch. This also assumes you’re using a non-privileged user and your binary is at /usr/local/bin/PtokaX.